Over 15 years in the wellness industry


Karen Gnat, H. BA, RYT, RHN

A health maven for over 15 years, Karen was influenced early in her life upon discovering how food, mood, and breath are all interconnected. Her extensive studies in nutrition and yoga has given Karen the opportunities to work in both the public and private sectors in Toronto including; Working with children in schools and families to promote healthy eating with a focus on meal planning and yoga; within a private eating disorder clinic helping heal people relationship with food; and using yoga to feel the body to help manage anxiety; within Toronto yoga studios as well as privately.  

Karen’s current nutritional work is family and individual meal planning to create fast and easy meals that help enhance energy in this hectic world! Karen also is currently running coroprate wellness workshops with nutriton. Karen’s central yoga practice is inspiring her students through vinyasa and yin styles, spotlighting mindfulness, philosophy, strength building and more. Karen’s current yoga focus is inspiring teachers to teach with more trauma awareness and is currently teaching this to teachers in Toronto.