Healthy Snacks for Kids

Snacks are a big thing I find with kids, they tend to always be hungry, it must be because they are consistently moving and growing. Sometimes as parents we don't always have the time, patience or if we are traveling have fresh fruit and vegetables as a snack. Kids can also be influenced by their peers and want packaged treats. Over time in our house we have found a variety of healthy prepared snacks for those times I didn't have time to bake or if we are in the car for hours and we run out of fresh food. Though I am not a fan of creating so much garbage and waste, I know sometimes its OK to rely on packages if it is clean. Here is a sneak peak to whats in our "JUNK" drawer.

Made good- granola bars, and balls (nut free and kosher)

Gogo squeeze

Vega bars

Stone Ground Fig bars

Late July sandwich crackers


Dried fruit (or trail mix with nuts if there are no allergies)

BareNaked bars

Juice Popsicles

What you won't see on this is are bear paws, fruit gummies, fruit roll ups, dunkeroos, oreos, freezes etc. I choose to not feed my child these best there are better options now in groceries so why put all the artificial colours, extra sugar, preservatives in our kids bodies if we don't have too. Of course there will be times these products may happen but why stock those products in your house? They now have alternatives for everything and though they still have sugar and they need to be treated as a treat (not everyday) why do we continue to buy products that don't nourish us?




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