Gardening & our shadows (part 2 of 3)

It was spring again, I was so excited to plant and weed. I bought new gloves, fancy tools, organic vegetable seeds; I had the amazing help of a toddler (I mean they can weed right?). Reality check- fancy things do not do they work for you. Other people do not do the work for you.

So I rolled up my selves and got into the dirt. I began weeding and planting. I water religiously. I put my heart and soul into my intention and than I hosted a huge party and my yard looked awesome. I felt so proud. Than a pipe got clogged in the front of my house and my whole garden bed filled with beautiful new plants had to be pulled up. All my work and all my effort, gone, just like that. I suffered. I was sad. I was mad. I was ready to give up. But just than I remembered that there are shadow sides of everything. Life isn’t always sunshine. It wouldn’t be the last time my garden got destroyed over the course of the next 3 years. I went into the shadow. I saw it, I pulled up every plant, I replanted. I learned from it, which plant thrived, which maybe would be better in the backyard? What in the shadow I could leave and what was a valuable lesson. What purpose did my suffering serve? Where was the lesson? What happens when things are perfect, when the plan changes?


Karen GnatComment