Gardening & Intention setting (part 1 of 3)

Last year I spent my summer working hard in an office and I felt like I missed one of my favorite times of the year. This year as I have more freedom I am very mindful of my time and making sure I really absorb the most out of summer, as I love it so much. When I was reflecting the other day to my mentor why I love summer, my answer was easy. I love weeding. Yes that’s right. I love it. Of course I put it off all the time but I love it.

At this point you may think I am crazy. What does weeding (and my weird love of it) have to do with yoga? Over the next few blog posts I will let you in on my little love affair.

To begin- it important to say this is my interpretation of some key concepts of yogic philosophy and how I apply them off my mat.

I have a huge garden bed in my backyard. It is massive. I remember very clearly 7 summers ago plotting to make my backyard into an oasis. I wanted the best garden bed ever. That how I start everything I do, it’s how I begin every day. I set an intention- not a goal but a direction. Intention setting is key, it helps you stay focused, keeps you on your side of the tracks, grounds you in your inner landscape but is flexible and will always change.

So that’s how I started my backyard. I wanted it to be perfect (yes I am a recovering perfectionist), I wanted it to be awesome. So I had a design made, I found people to help me build my dream. We talked, I explored my vision, and I got real about budgets, shade, trees and more.

I made a plan. Just like in life we start with a plan, we educate ourselves, we ask experts for help and guidance. Than we begin our journey. How native was I, I thought someone would tell me what to do and than BAM perfection!

Hmmmmm. Why isn’t that it never works out that way?

All the sudden I had weeds? I had ants? I actually had to do the work (I couldn’t pay anyone to do I for me). You mean you can fix something buy reading a book, asking an expert, you actually have to do something? My oasis it seemed was harder than I thought. My perfect backyard seemed miles away.

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