Karen has worked for years helping clients one on one, meal planning, grocery store tours, pantry clean out, kitchen reorganized, teaching cooking classes for kids and adults and more!


Meal Planning

The program I have designed helps individuals and families create their own library for their dinners (as well as breakfasts and lunches, where needed). 

How it works: I met with a client for an initial session and determine what their current meal plan and master list looks like from their I give them an initial meal plan. 

The goal is to work with clients from 1-3 months to help them make their master list of meals grow from 5 (is the average) to 20! This helps client create a database so that for an entire month they can have variety when cooking at home. 

For more information or to book your initial appointment email


Grocery Store Tour

After your initial appointment you my decide you need a grocery store tour in order to find new products for eating in a way that makes sense for your body, or to help you meal plan and grocery shop more efficiently. In this tour I help you navigate the grocery store, teach you how to read labels and so much more!


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Pantry Clean Out

Most of us have a pantry that we just throw stuff in week after week but how often do we clean it out, organize and go through it! Let me do it with you or for you and than we can make a basic list of for stocking your pantry! 


Personal Nutrition coaching

Looking to change your eating habits? Nourish your body a little differently? Need to talk about food, supplements, yoga or general wellness? Reach out to me. This is an hour to ask any questions about your health and even make a plan you can work with by yourself.