Grateful Dead Flow

It all started with a conversation with the co-founder of The Yoga Weekend, Sari Nisker-Fox, I had an idea that later turned out to be a practice in a forest surround by magic mushrooms flowing to the Grateful Dead. From that a few times a year I began teaching a Grateful Dead Yoga Flow.

The next class date is October 18th 7-8:15pm


Living With Anxiety

Learn practical tools to live with anxiety. We will practice yoga, breathing, meditation, using essential oils and nutrition. All of these natural tools can be helpful in managing different forms and intensities of anxiety. We’ll explore proactive self care rituals, breath exercises that help in those intense moments, and mindful shifts in perspective.

The next class date is TBD


Teen Mindfulness Program

Being a teen today can be challenging and stressful this workshop uses mindfulness, breathing, movement and more to help teens learn tools in order to cope with the challenges they face growing up in the work today.

The next workshop date is TBD


Meal Planning & Dinner Workshop

This is a fun workshop for friends to get together be served a healthy dinner to inspire new recipes for the season’s meal planning adventure.


Lunch & Learning

Teaching the importance of meal planning for healthy lunches and how to plan for success.


Kids Cooking Classes

This program is designed to encourage kids to try new things, learn math as they bake, and learn the importance of foods for their well-being.