A little Meet and Greet

Here we meet up and discuss your own needs, wants, wishes and dreams. This is where I get to know you better and start to see what would empower you to save time, money and stress. As we get down to business there is home work (a 5-day food journal and questionnaire),  a little Q & A (sometimes this can involve the kids), and some myth busting.  After our initial meeting I will make you a personalized plan and give you your first meal plan

5 day Dinner Meal Plans

Everyone meal plans with variety and new things every week, right? (shh, its OK, that's where I come in). After our little meet and greet I begin a process of creating a master meal list and over the course of time (1-3 months) we work together (I do the planning, you get to do the fun part), and create you a varied list of quick and easy dinner ideas that work with the whole family.




5 Full day meal plan

Need an overhaul or looking to just press the reset button? Than this is the plan for you. After our meet and greet this plan is designed to help you learn to include food rotation, meals that are easy with a little prep, and working towards a full goal of fueling your body.  This will help you create an ideal day and give you lots of personalized recipes to empower you to change your daily habits.

Pantry Play dates

So when was the last time you checked the expiry date on that package of crackers you thought were nutritious from Costco? This play date is epic. After our meet and greet, I come help you clean out the pantry.  We will create a list of your personalized pantry staples and I will give you ideas and suggestions of how to stock, organize and buy wholesome ingredients for your pantry.


Grocery store tour

Have you ever walked into the grocery store feeling confident, happy and excited to be there? I do every time. My secret is I have a plan and I go in empowered to learn about new products and feel confident about how to read labels, stock my pantry and more. In this tour, after we have had our meet and greet we will work together to go through your regular grocery store and you will have the time to ask questions and become inspired and confident at your grocery store. You will also be able to walk through with a plan and many extra pieces of info.