Who am I?


A few months ago I began writing my blog again after taking about a 6-year break. I also publicly launched a business that I have been working on for a few years. I figured now after having a few months of this up and running so amazingly (thank you for those who have inspired me, encouraged me and who are my amazing clients) I would let you know a little about what I am doing, who I am and where all these ideas have grown from.


So, as a kid I loved books, history and studying. I was/am an introvert; I know it doesn’t seem like that.  I loved archeology, history and art. I wanted to be either a librarian or historian or maybe even a professor. Then I turned 21 and my life changed a lot. I struggled with a severe anxiety (to this day it’s something I work through). I was in a very hard place in my life and decided to walk across the hall from my job at the restaurant Max’s at Bayview village (some of you may remember the place) to a person that knew my mom and applied for a job in the health store.  At this point I was medicated, did yoga a little but was a mess. I grew up very differently than how I live currently, but I learned some amazing values. I was taught to eat vegetables, sugar isn’t great for me and down time is REALLY important.


I began to learn about and sell supplements and body care products. I spent 6 years with an amazing company and women who nurtured and taught me so much. I was the boss of naturopathic and nutrition students and constantly asked them tons of questions. I learned about companies, marketing and my favorite part merchandising. Eventually I left the job to become a yoga teacher, but it was probably one of the best learning experiences I’ve have had in my career in terms of knowledge.  I learned the differences between different types of supplements and what their best uses are.  My eyes were also opened to the kinds of chemicals you are putting on or in your body through the creams, shampoos and even the toothpastes we use.  While in the job I always wanted to be as educated as my staff, be it the nutritionist or naturopath I loved what they taught me and wanted to know more, but it seemed so far out of reach.  


After a few years teaching yoga and studying, I had a physical injury. It rocked me. It reminded me of a time in my past and scared me (maybe one day I will tell this story).  I realized maybe I couldn’t just rely on my physical body to provide for me. So than I thought I really missed my supplement stuff, food and that industry. I was so GRAFTEFUL for my amazing in laws (they are literally my angels) helping me go back to school, and studied to be a nutritionist. All the while teaching yoga and loving it. I even helped open a fabulous place called Spynga for a few months, which was awesome!   During my time at school and Spynga I studied yoga a ton (kids, prenatal, with Seane Corn and more). I played with teaching nutrition; I went to work for Whole Foods because I was so curious and missed supplements so much. I still saw a few private clients and taught yoga. Then I had my daughter Grace.


Now I was a mom and everything I had spent time learning became critical. I had post partum anxiety and had to again learn to heal myself through nutrition, yoga, supplements, and therapy. I went back to teaching yoga when Grace was 8 weeks old and started a baby food-cooking club for the moms in my neighborhood.  We had a blast (I would love to do this again someday).  I spent a lot of time home with Grace while teaching and having a few nutrition clients that I would see for their personal health problems. At home we were struggling to sleep, eat, maintain a household and have fun. We started to meal plan. It just seemed like a common sense, we would go to the market or the grocery store once a week; write out our meal plan on our chalkboard in the dinning room and things started to get a bit easier.


When Grace was ready to go to school I decided I missed the world of nutrition, food and supplements.  I craved working with people and not being so isolated in self-employment. I went to work at a private eating disorder clinic. It was probably one of the hardest, but most fulfilling jobs I can say I had. I learnt a lot, not only about my work but also about what my boundaries are and myself. After a few years I had to leave.  I spent a lot of time studying and researching trauma, journaling and of course on my mat studying.


  It was then that I started teaching out of my house and in a community that really fits for me. I began teaching a lot more privates and small groups and it felt so good. I started working with essential oils a little, but something was missing. I missed working with food so I taught kids cooking classes and helped a few families with meal planning. Then someone pointed out to me the value of my meal planning, my love of organization, reading labels and grocery stores and how I could help others by sharing with them my skills (thanks Sari). I still miss my supplements and am currently in two courses one for philosophy and self-healing and the other for supplements and nutrition.   The learning never stops….


I wanted to share my journey because some people have been with me through it all (thanks to my Thursday night yogi’s) and some are newer. I hope that I can continue to inspire and help all those around me. If anything I mentioned here you want to learn more about please reach out. 

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