Tis the season for a post about colds and flus!

Tis the season for a post about colds and flus!

Cough, sniff, argh! It’s that time of year again. I am around people all day, everyday, adjusting them, in meetings at homes and I have a kid. It’s germ city this time of year. However, rarely do I get a full-blown cold.  I get a mild version sure, but I haven’t had a sick day in awhile. The reason I can say this with confidence and without the fear that I am jinxing myself is that I have found a few great resources and tips to for helping to keep colds and flu’s away!


Food Tips

1.     It’s important all year long to eat your fruits and vegetables but in the winter is especially important because fruits and vegetables are where we find all the immune boosting nutrients. This time of year a lot of people don’t love the coldness of salads or smoothies. In order to get as many fruits and vegetables in your day, plan for them! Soups for dinner or as a side dish, roasted squashes and root vegetables, berries over your oatmeal, kale chips as a snack. Fish is rich in vitamin D which is great for the immune system. Beets and red peppers are great for Vitamin C.

2.     Kombucha is also a go to for me always (or any fermented food, these pickles are awesome). Fermented foods are pre-biotic (which means it helps your bodies make good bacteria to help fight the bad guys!)

3.     Garlic also helps support our immune system especially when raw (think salad dressings)


1.     A good quality Multi-vitamin

2.     Vitamin D

3.     Probiotics

4.     Vitamin C

5.     On Guard by Doterra (rolled on the bottom of your feet before bed every night)


1.     Stress reduction- whether this means saying “no” to things, doing physical exercise, giving tasks to others, daily meditation and so many more! I think everyone is very unique in how they should navigate stress in their lives.

2.     Nothing to me is more important than sleep. I know if I don’t get a certain amount every day I will catch any cold around. Sleep is essential for immune health.

Yoga postures

1.     It’s important to get your body moving to help stimulate lymphatic drainage in the body. Postures that stimulate immune health are bridge pose, legs up the wall, and reclined bound angle.

If you find yourself with a tickle


Food Tips

1.     This is more of a tonic but I thought it should be with food. I love this recipe

2.     Soup and fluids. Bone broth and chicken soup are great for colds and flu’s as well all know! It’s the best remedy and so comforting.


1.     St Francis Deep immune

2.     AOR cold complex

3.     Honey Spray

4.     Extra Vitamin C

5.     I love Doterra Easy air when I am congested and On Guard lozenges


1.     Take a break- even if I don’t call in sick I still get rid of my to-do lists, take a bath, nap and rest! Sometimes we just need to slow down!

Yoga Postures

1.     When I am not feeling 100 percent, I love doing yoga nidra or restorative yoga.


I hope you all stay cold and flu free this season

Xo Karen

Healthy and happy for the holidays

Healthy and happy for the holidays

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