September Pantry Stock Up For Back To School

September Pantry Stock Up For Back To School

          I love September. It’s my favorite month because there is crispness in the air but its still warm. I love all the fresh food and fall is my all time favorite season. As I step into September it’s the perfect time for a pantry clean out. It’s time to pull out all the half finished boxes, throw out expired products or things I hated and make a staple grocery run.

            In our pantry we gear up for back to school by making sure we have our staples for baking, making pantry meals for busy nights, ingredients for fast easy lunches and of course the ever so needed snacks.

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about products and tips to help get your pantry in shape for the fall!

Here are a quick few tips to help you organize your kitchen and pantry for back to school.

Breakfasts: I love to have on hand our favorite things to make breakfasts, from smoothies, to muffins, waffles or pancakes, granola and yogurt (click here for a link to the yogurt I am obsessed with). The best thing I have learn to do with waffles and pancakes is to make extra on weekends and freeze them on a plate and put in a bag for quick toaster breakfasts.

Lunches: We aim to have ten lunch recipes so we can rotate. Once we make the list we always make sure to stock the pantry with the staples to create those fast easy lunches. Examples are nut free butters like sunflower butter, whole wheat wraps or pasta (click the words to see our favorite brands).

Snacks:  I always make sure I have on hand the staples needed to make my go to homemade snacks. The snack area (or drawer in our case) is always a must. As much as I love to bake sometimes we need a fast easy snack. Normally we grab an apple but sometimes my daughter wants something different. So we make sure to stock up on her favorite package snacks that aren’t full of food colouring or unhealthy preservatives. Stay connected (click here to sign up) in the next few weeks I will be blogging my favorite snacks!

Dinners: For many people after school programs will start in the next few weeks and its time to get ready for those quick and easy pantry meals. Like lunch we try to decide a few quick easy dinners and always make sure we have the ingredients at hand. If we want shakshuka (an amazing one pan vegetarian meal with tomatoes and chickpeas) for example, we always have canned tomatoes and chickpeas (I love these brands as their cans are BPA free).

One of the most important things to a pantry is organizing it. In a few weeks I will share my tips on keeping your pantry clean as well I will share my favorite snack, lunch containers and pantry organizing containers (click here to see my favorite brand of easy to open, clean and most versatile stainless steel containers).

I hope you find these tips useful! Have an amazing first few weeks back to school!


Stocking the Pantry for Back to School Lunches

Stocking the Pantry for Back to School Lunches

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