The Yoga Weekend

It has been two weeks since I landed back. I have to say it like that because I literally felt like I was dreaming. I was in awe of what Sari & Jen created and their vision. It really was a dream manifested. I also had the blessing to be surrounded by so many people I believe in, who teach and inspire me for 3 days!

Spring is about planting seeds, new beginnings, and weeding our garden; the summer is about fire, tapas, fun and pleasure. In the last six months I have personally grown more than I ever thought possible.  Seeds I have been nurturing for so many years (like since I was 24) grew and bore fruit at this magical weekend.

Many people have asked me, how was it? So let me explain.

Colleague and great human, Jodi Larry, reminded me about my old stories and fears. When I began teaching yoga I hated it. I loved the practice, I knew its power but I hated talking in front of people. Not only did I hate it, I was anxious and even was physically sick before a class. But I knew somewhere deep in me I needed to do it. So I did. I fell; I made a lot of mistakes. When I think about how I used to teach, and my anatomy, yikes! However, it got me to where I am. Two weeks ago not only did I get to teach to a small group a foundation class (I LOVE small groups) but then it was time for the Grateful Dead flow. It was moved to a field, I needed a microphone (gulp), and it was pure magic. In a clearing in the woods, the pure blue skies, the magic of the poses and music made it one of the most special moments for me.

I can’t forget that my two most cherished teachers asked me to demo in front of 180 people.  Ya, that happened.

It takes a village. The Yoga Weekend was the size of a small village. We moved, we danced, we talked and we soaked up the sun. We supported one another. To be grounded in a community for 3 days filled my cup.

Fall is about grounding and reflecting on your values, letting go of old patterns and this community did that. It had everything I believe in. Friends who lift you, food that nourishes you (thanks greenhouse juice!), and an energy (that may be hippie to say) that makes you feel loved, nurtured and supported to learn and grow.


Speaking of growth. Many years ago I managed and worked in a group health food stores, which led me to become a nutritionist and advocate for natural health products. I have worked with individuals and families helping them find a more holistic diet and lifestyle. A good friend saw my niche and pushed me to it a few years ago. I did it in my normal way, quietly. Then another teacher gave me a push. At The Yoga Weekend I finally told lots people what the other part of me does. I love to meal plan, clean out pantries and go grocery shopping. I have developed an individualized program for individuals and families that is balanced and easy! At the weekend I gave a taste of it, a little workshop that I hope to run many more of in the future. My goal is to inspire people to get back to the kitchen in a way that is organized, saves money, time and is fun!


The Yoga Weekend helped refocus and re-affirm my values and goals.


I have so much gratitude not only for Sari and Jen but also for everyone who came because it was the community that made the weekend so memorable.   I hope to see some of you there next year!

Karen Gnat2 Comments