Resolutions, Intentions & Goals

            This time of year is an interesting one. We were so busy with family and friends last week, we drove to so many celebrations, we partied, had fun and savored the moments. I feel so blessed to have gotten such a full week of excitement, but as it ended I found myself needing to slow down. 2017 was a rollercoaster for me. I had so many highs, goals reached and excitement but I also had so much sadness, fear and loss.

            As I sat in the first days of 2018 and thought about planning my year, part of me didn’t want to because resolutions seem like the opposite of pausing and sitting in the moment. However, as I slowed down I reflected on the meaning of resolution, intentions and goals. Resolutions mean a firm decision to do or not to do something. In my experience these can lead to guilt and shame. However intentions mean an aim or plan. In my experience this gives us a focus and direction that is not so concrete. Setting goals are similar to that of intentions, as they are the object of a person's ambition or effort. So I decided to reflect, read and focus on my intentions and goals as a way to keep me focused, ground me throughout the year and to help me make sure I am spending my time in a way that inspires me to serve myself and others in an authentic way.

            My process has evolved over the years and I sprinkle new ideas in every year, but my process is not just in January it exists through the entire year.

           At the beginning of the year I write down my intentions, based on feelings I want to create more of in my life (I was inspired by this through the Desire Map). For example, the feeling of forgiveness - remember we are all human, or trust- less guilt- it’s ok to say no. This year, I also used Elena Brower’s book, Practice You to inspire me on how I want to feel and serve as well.  I then take this list and print two copies, one for my desk and one for my little book of the year.

            I have a memories jar that sits on my desk for the year, every time I remember to or something inspires me, a vacation, a snuggle from my child, words from a student or friend I put it on a piece of paper and place it in the jar.

        I  love to read magazines and throughout the year I cut out ideas, inspiring moments, plans, favorite outfits or home products and place them in a folder.  

At the end of the year I sit down and go through all of it. I read over my intentions and look at what happened, what seems to still need work, if there are things that I don’t really care about the same way I did in beginning of the year. Than I collage all the pictures that inspired me, craft ideas, vacation ideas, interior design ideas and more. At the end of the book I open my jar and go through all the amazing things that lifted me up. Even if my intentions were not fulfilled I get to feel so much gratitude for all the moments of the year.

           I have had these books since 2012 and every year I open them at least once or twice to remember, to look at my growth, and to look at ideas and get inspired.

          As we step into the New Year do you have any rituals to help you focus or give you a direction?





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