Cleanse for Life

If you have been around me for the past month you know that I started a cleanse, in particular the Alumni Cleanse For Life Program designed by Dr. Jodi Larry, ND. Now it’s not as crazy as it sounds, it’s actually quite an amazing idea. Let me explain- the first 10 days you eat no sugar, dairy, gluten, coffee, alcohol etc. For the remainder of the month, you add a few things back and on weekends start to practice the philosophy of 80/20 (80% clean & 20% anything goes) with the intention of jumping back on to clean eating during the week. The purpose of this is to practice allowing yourself to go off track and allow yourself to bounce back to your good habits. 

Why do I think this is great? Neuroplasticity has shown that we can change our habits but the old habits can be strong and we can easily slip right back into them. However over time if we keep up our practice, our brain will change! Pretty cool stuff. It also explains why 10 days of clean eating doesn’t “fix” or change your habits.  I was also able to practice satya (honesty) when I noticed my true experience with certain foods and how they actually make me feel when in the past I wouldn’t connect the feelings to the food. It took a lot of tapas (discipline) in order to not only stay on the cleanse, but to see things from a clearer perspective and really look at my relationship with some of the things I took out of my diet.

My experience with this cleanse has not only been about my food, but also my emotions with food and why I reach for them. This has lead me to think when I feel a certain way, such as, exhausted or stressed I feel like I deserve a some sort of “treat”, maybe I should make healthier choices and do more self care as opposed to quick fixes that don’t solve anything. 

I also saw what taking days off social media can do and how much of my time I spend on it as opposed to actually talking to people or connecting. This group Jodi designed is all about connection to ourselves and others. This group has weekly meetings and daily emails, which I will say for a bunch of people I barley know, I feel more connection right now with them than I do with lots of my family and friends because we are taking the time to be vulnerable. It also reaffirmed to me that we are all so similar, just with different stories.

Sometimes in life we have to pause and reflect on the things that serve us, the things that no longer serve us and become more conscious in our habits, through patterns and how thing truly make us feel. 

This program addresses all parts of us the physical, mental and spiritual that Jodi for putting this awesome program together!

Karen GnatComment