The issue is in our tissues

Most people who come to my yoga classes know I incorporate some philosophy into my class, which was inspired by the teachings of both Seane Corn and tracey Sorgrathi. This style of teaching for me has been a way to explore more than just the physical realm of yoga. The beauty for me in that is that I always am reading, studying and learning, but I will save that for another day.


Many people have heard of the idea that we hold our stuff in our physical body, for example, stress with shoulders up around your ears that gut feeling or butterflies in your belly. As a teacher and an active person my body sometimes gets cranky and over the past year or so I have been working through some hip flexor stuff on my left side. I believe strongly in self-care so I rest, use my amazing oils, and when needed go to a chiropractor, this specific one helped my wrist a few years back. She had told me to see her massage person about my hip after we had worked at it for a few weeks, I was a little skeptical because I didn’t think it was truly a muscle problem. Regardless I am always game to try something someone I trust recommends.

Now I have done Rolfing (look it up, its very cool, intense but is awesome), but this was DEEP tissue massage and muscle testing. So he poke and moved stuff and I felt stuff. Pretty cool. But what I found the most fascinating was my minds experience. My mind went crazy, in one area I had a memory, in another a thought about myself and another an amazing idea.

So why I found this fascinating, I started to notice the chakras and where the areas where. I also noticed old trauma. I study philosophy and the body a lot. I love it. I could read every day all day. However this was the pure physical experience. Now I have been in a yoga class and cried. I have been in a pose and noticed my thoughts and patterns. Now on a massage table too!

This helped me believe even stronger about the studies, research and more that its true the stuff in our body’s can be more than just our bones and muscles. It’s our outer package. It’s the layer that holds it all together. So therefore of course when we feel happiness, grief, anger, pleasure. It will leave an imprint on this layer too. So it’s important not only to move the physical body for strength and tension release but also to release our mind, our stories, the stuff in our head too.


But with that its also I believe so important to do this with people you feel safe with. People you can count on. Yoga, massage, even an exercise class is so much more than our physical bodies. Who can we trust? 


Digesting Our Emotions

Digesting Our Emotions