2019: My WHY

    If you have been in my yoga classes, you know I always start my class by grounding into the physical body, but also intention setting. Many of you know my personal intention/word is to pause (I will reflect on this halfway through the year) but my work intention is and has been for years, creating an understanding around philosophy and the seasons, trauma, mental health and stress.

    A few years ago I became fascinated with how our brain works; how our experiences imprint on our mind, how our brain forms habitual reactions to skills and how our brain can change through neuroplasticity. I also began to study trauma very profoundly and how it relates not only as a wellness practitioner but also as a human connecting with other humans on this planet.

    My passion has always been in mental health for personal reasons based on my upbringing, as well as for a community that I feel personally connected to and want to help. My work has led to helping people cope with the stress of our society, eating disorders as well as assisting clients privately and groups with anxiety and chronic stress.

    Throughout 2019 my vision not only for my business, but also for this blog is to look at ways that we can support our mental health even if we don’t define ourselves as having mental issues, as well as to be able to get clear on how to help those around us. So, many of my blog posts are going to be educational, as well as tips for our own day-to-day living. Many of my posts will also be about nutrition, supplements, yoga and more.

    As I always suggest, it is essential to set intentions for how we move forward with awareness and purpose. Please feel free to email/message me any of your own personal questions that I can help you with.

So grateful for my community.





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