Meal Planning For Familes and Private Group Parites

Whether its your own personal family or having a fun evening with friends Karen Gnat makes meal planning fun for eveyone.

From sitting  down with a family helping everyone learn how to plan meals (even the picky eaters), to the busy professional learning how to budget their time and money, even to parties where Karen allows you to sample recipes and gives you tips you can take home with you. Meal planning can be for everyone. 

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"Karen helped my family tremendously with meal planning! We now have a binder filled with healthy, easy, quick and most importantly delicious recipes that we use daily! Thank you Karen! " - Dana

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Personal Consulation

Nutrition can be a confusing area even for the best of us. Karen helps clients decipher all the media and research to empower clients to find the right program for their personal needs, through supplements, grocery store tours and even pantry clean outs! She empowers you to nourish your body, change eating habits and more. If you need to talk about food, supplements, yoga or general wellness? Reach out, this is an hour to ask any questions about your health and even make a plan you can work with by yourself.

Investment $80

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Coroprate wellness 

Karen has had the opportunity to build many different programs for empowering staff through lunch and learns. She has developed meal planning workshops, lunch cooking classes, meals on a budget and many more. The tools staff learn through these trainings are valuable to the health and well being. 


Kids Cooking Programs 

These engaging  school program hels children understand healthy eating, encourages them to try new things and empowers them to take charge of their own meals. This program was built from a personal involvement with parents and working within a school community. Developing this program at Faywood ABC School, Karen had the opportunity to help kids learn more about food, how to cook, create foods they could get excited about and the importance of nutrition. Karen has created different programs for the past 4 years at many schools. 

Please contact me for further details on how to bring this program to your school.

What kids are saying about it:

"She liked the learning, teamwork and creating" and that "she learned that you can make desserts healthy"- Chloe, 4th grade
"It was really fun and so fun to eat the food you make. Karen was a great cooking teacher!"  - Brady, 2nd grade