Services and Prices

Individual Appointments


1. 1 hour initial consult (includes a basic meal plan)   $120

  • Receive a basic meal plan suited to your lifestyle and goals
  • Be inspired by holistic lifestyle recommendations

2. 45 minute follow up session (includes a more personalized meal plan)  $80

  • Gain more feedback and inspiration for goals
  • Learn what vitamins, minerals, herbs are best suited to your needs

3. Grocery store tour (45 minutes, plus handouts) $80

  • Learn about different brands and healthy choices
  • Learn how to shop more efficiently and waste less money and groceries
  • Learn how to read labels and the tricky marketing

4. Pantry clean out (45 minutes, plus handouts) $80

  • Learn how to stock you pantry for easy, fast meals
  • Learn which products and brands are best for your health
  • Learn what snack foods to have for your kids
  • and more....

5. 5 day- Meal plan (includes a shopping list) $50

*if not an existing client it is basic plan based on meat, vegetarian or gluten free

Group Packages

Package one- 1 initial and two follow ups (includes 2 - 5 day meal plans) $250

Package two- 1 initial and 4 follow ups (one can be a grocery store tour or pantry clean out) $385


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