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Yoga & Philosophy

Private and public classes using the yoga practices of vinyasa and yin yoga as a way to move our bodies. The breath, physical awareness, and interoception help to practice mindfulness as well as connect the student to their own experience. Classes are adaptable to all levels. Weekly classes weave in different philosophical themes.

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Relationships with Food

Through over a decade as a nutritionist and working with individuals Karen helps to create healthy sustainable relationships with food. Her work is tailored to the personal needs of her clients from meal planning, grocery store tours, individual supplements and assessing and planning unique dietary goals.

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Blog Posts

Every few weeks Karen writes a new blog that incorporates her wide range of services from nutrition, yoga and philosophy.

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Local Home Classes

Monday, Tuesday and Fridays Karen teaches small classes to her local community in North York.


“No matter what kind of day I've had, I can enter Karen's studio and know that my day will ed on a positive note. Namaste 🙏”- Cathy

“Until I began practicing yoga with Karen, I had never experienced a workout that could strengthen my body, calm my mind and inspire my soul all at the same time!” - Tali


Relationships with Food

A few years ago when Karen was working in a private clinic she learned that our relationship with food is connected to how much we love ourselves and how we treat ourselves. When we look at the food we put in our bodies or in our mouths it’s very symbolic of the way we believe in ourselves and the way we feel we should be treated. So helping clients learn what works best for them on their plate also helps them learn what works because for them on a deeper level than just food.


“Karen helped my family tremendously with meal planning! We now have a binder filled with healthy, easy, quick and most importantly delicious recipes that we use daily! Thank you Karen!”- Dana

“Karen has helped develop a wonderful plan for supplements for my family.  In one week, we have already seen a difference!  My daughter is going to University in the Fall and Karen helped with nutrition ideas & supplements since eating away from home will not be the same.  We are so grateful for her expertise!”- Whitney