Why Yoga?

Yoga is a practice to help practitioners learn about themselves on and off the mat. Through asana and breath we can strengthen our physical body, release and produce energy (prana) in our body and calm our minds. Through yogic theory we can learn not only how to calm the mind but also find peace among all the chaos our modern world creates.

Class Fee Structure

For group classes at my home $140 for 10 class pass (expires 4 months from time of purchase and can be used for any regular class) or $16 drop in

(location at Bathurst & Wilson)

Private individual or group $80 for an hour

Class Descriptions


All of my public classes are designed in this way they begin with grounding and mindfulness than flow through 30 minutes of challenging vinyasa (breath inspired movement) to develop strength into a 20 minute yin practice of passive static stretching and exploration of yogic philosophy and finally a 5 minute savasana.

Private individual/small groups

The majority of my classes are private or small groups, the reason for this is it allows me to give individual attention based on body types, it allows more dialogue for how yoga feels individually as well as I can tailor the class to the person and what is happening on a day to day basis

Family yoga

I work private with families to help teach the basics of yoga postures, working with breath and other mindfulness techniques


Yin Yoga is a method of static passive stretching (the practitioner uses their own body weight or props to facilitate relaxation into the stretch) practiced mainly on the floor with props for support.  Students relax into deep postures that mostly target the hips and spine for 3-5 minutes per pose.  During the practice of Yin Yoga we have the opportunity to examine ourselves and our reactions to our external and internal environment through the postures and key concepts of yogic philosophy.

Prenatal yoga

I have taught many group prenatal as well as I teach and adapt prenatal into my regular classes. If you would like to build your own prenatal group yoga contact me for details

* I have been teaching for over 10 years and have many certifications including vinyasa, yin, prenatal, kids yoga and more.